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Newton residents who advocate for protecting our existing tree canopy in addition to planting more trees. Steering committee: Melissa Brown, Laura Petrillo, Barbara Brousal-Glaser, Ellie Goldberg, Pat Irwin. Website design by Yutong Yan.

Statements of support

  • Organizations: Green Newton, Mothers Out Front Newton, Urban Tree Commission

  • Individuals: What people are saying:

De-identified quotes from petition signers: 

“Trees are one of our climate saviors. Stop thinking of them as expendable."
“Newton needs to be more assertive about protecting its trees and requiring more substantial mitigation when trees are removed.”
“Trees are wonderful and deserve our help and nurturing”
“This is a hugely important issue. We need to keep older trees”
“The destruction of mature trees needs to stop for the sake of the health of our planet. Solar energy is a good tool for combating climate change but cutting down mature trees is counter-productive as they will always be more efficient at carbon sequestration and they provide oxygen and shade. “
“Please protect Newton trees (public AND private) with the strongest possible law. It takes years for a tree to grow and give shade. They need our protection. We and the whole ecosystem need these trees.”
When we moved here, I was entranced by Newton's gorgeous leafiness. Watching beautiful old trees continually chopped down in favor of ugly McMansions has sadly soured that favorable first impression of our "Garden City." Old-growth trees are a sign of a healthy and well-functioning community

Organization Letters

Organizational letters

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