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Meg, Washington St, Newtonville:

I live directly across the street from the Mass Pike. There has always been a wall of foliage along the pike. In summer of 2018, DOT came into our neighborhoods and literally cut away ALL the trees and greenery.  In a matter of hours,  we were left with a barren view of a highway. I cannot underscore enough how profound the negative impact on our residence and neighborhood. The noise from traffic has become so amplified that you can’t hold a conversation outside the house without raising your voice to near shouting. You could immediately feel the increase in heat as it radiated off the asphalt from the Pike. Our house felt like it was baking in an oven and my window air conditioner set on High was no longer sufficient for cooling my entire condo unit. Lastly, the air quality – which I didn’t think could possibly get worse, did. Soot will accumulate on surfaces in a matter of hours, not days. I had to buy a second air purifier because having just one could no longer clean the air in my 586-square-foot condo, which is important as I suffer from asthma.

- Photo from Google Street View

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